Meesha Shafi as FARRUKH ZAAD

Meet Farrukh Zaad – the epitome of exquisite elegance, seductive charm, and dominating magnificence. Farrukh Zaad is the first of three lucky ladies who share Nawab Asif Jahan by way of their nuptial knots.
Played by Meesha Shafi – the girl with the Midas touch – Farrukh Zaad is much more than just the heart and soul of Mor Mahal (King’s palace). She also seems to wield the master key to the control hub of Nawab Asif Jahan, the ruler of a fictional state ‘Jahanabad’.
Being a proud mother of a son, Zaad, has resolved to surmount all thorny snags in the way to have him officially pronounced next heir to the throne of Jahanabad.